There are a few different types of hardware in a home. Cabinet hardware isn’t something that we often think of as being complex, but think of it as the jewelry of your space. Similar to light fixtures, cabinet hardware can have a huge impact on the feel of your space, or - consequently - it can ruin beautiful cabinets if installed incorrectly.



With cabinet hardware, after we have made final selections, we begin with (you guessed it!) a Cabinet Hardware Schedule.

And you’re a pro by now, so you know the drill! Each different style gets assigned a ‘mark’ (seen in the far left column) and that correlates to the cabinet hardware diagrams so the installer knows exactly where it install it.

grand rapids cabinet hardware
Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 3.59.05 PM.png
Fuchsia Design cabinet hardware diagram in Grand Rapids

In a kitchen where we sometimes have 3+ different styles of pulls and knobs, this is hugely beneficial to make sure they get put in the right spots because once the holes are drilled - it’s not an easy fix if they mess it up! Hiring an interior designer who can develop accurate diagrams such as these saves you from mistakes like that happening.

Aside from cabinet hardware, we also select door hardware. We take care to make sure each door operates and functions the way you would like it to. Does it have a keypad? A camera? An extra high deadbolt out of reach of tiny hands? Our schedules are very detailed and specific to your needs. Often we even do split finishes where the door knob or lever is one finish on one side and another on the other side depending on the finishes within each space. Ah, the details of a custom home.

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