The cherry on top! While we don’t take on projects that are limited to furniture and decor, we love to help our full-scope clients with the final touches of their home. And the best part? As a design firm, we have access to better pricing and more styles than you do, so your home won’t look the same as your neighbor’s AND you’re going to get a better price!



When it comes to furniture and decor, you name it, and we can get it! We order furniture, bedding, window treatments, dinnerware, kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, towels, waste baskets, food containers for your pantry, artwork, accessories, lamps, pillows, the whole sha-bang! For smaller items like accessories, we typically receive them in-house, un-package them, inspect them for damage, and bring them to your home all at once.

Most of the furniture we order is custom. It comes on a big delivery truck, is heavily packaged, and a lot of the shipping companies won’t ship to a residential address. So, we ship all furniture to a furniture receiver who receives it in their warehouse, unpackages it, disposes of all packaging and pallets, inspects it for damage, sends us a photo of it so we know it’s correct, and then they store in their temperature-controlled facility until we need it. When we’re ready, they have white-glove delivery service, and they bring it all to the home at once. We call those days ‘INSTALL DAYS’!