Not to be confused with Construction Management (which is usually a role taken on by your builder or on site project manager), Design Project Management is Fuchsia Design’s role in the construction of your home. Once we have completed all schedules, specifications, selections, renderings, and construction diagrams for your home, we put them all into what we jokingly coined ‘The Building Bible’. In it has everything your builder needs for your home. BUT! There are always on-site questions. This is where Design Project Management comes in. Depending on your project determines the frequency of our site visits, but we work in tandem with your Construction Manager to keep your project moving per the design that you have decided on. We meet with installers, carpenters, and any other trade on site to ensure that the design is being executed perfectly throughout your project. Sometimes our clients feel more comfortable being involved in these meetings, and sometimes our clients are busy and prefer to put that responsibility in the hands of the professionals they have hired. Your involvement is totally up to you and what you feel most comfortable with!

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Did you know Autumn has a degree in Construction Management and has spent over 10 years on construction sites? Hiring an interior design firm that offers this level of on-site expertise and is well-versed in the process of building a home allows each detail of your custom home to be considered throughout every facet of the building process.

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