Grand Rapids Nursery Renovation - Part I

Kid spaces are possibly my favorite rooms to design (well - besides powder rooms, and master suites, and kitchens… okay, I love them all). But, when it comes to designing rooms for little people, I love the creativity we get to use, plus it often means a little more freedom to incorporate bold colors and prints.

In the case of this little girl’s nursery, we’re using BOTH! This multi-part series will take you through the various stages of this sweet nursery renovation, and today we are covering the overall design plan along with the trim progress.


This room started off as a home office, and with its blush ceiling, crystal chandelier, and striped wall, a lot of people may have left it ‘as is’ for a nursery. Hahahaha…yeah, right. Like I can ever do anything the easy way. Naturally, everything had to go…

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING. I opted to keep the crystal chandelier and the espresso stained wood flooring. Aside from that … everything was gutted from the space. Read on, my friend!



There’s some ‘risky moves’ in this space. We aren’t just doing one accent wall of wallpaper. Instead, every wall will be covered in fuchsia, blush, and peach peonies with Benjamin Moore Razzle Dazzle trim.



I knew I really wanted to go bold with the trim with a fuchsia paint color, but in order to pull this off, I couldn’t use the builder-basic trim that was already in the room. If you’re going to do a bright colored trim like pink, make sure the trim profiles feel elegant and high-end, so the entire project doesn’t come off tacky or DIY’ed. Fuchsia trim could quickly go from a great idea to a poor execution, so a perfect paint job is also important to pull out this risky move.

In this case, I selected a really thick, heavily profiled casing, and then I used that same casing as base trim, but stacked it with one additional trim piece so the base is higher. The beautiful thing about selecting a thick profile is that we didn’t have to do a shoe molding, and because the casing and base trim were the same profile, I knew we wouldn’t have any issues with the base being thicker than the casing where the two meet. I should mention - I’m aware that these progress photos look insane! The pink trim is far too stark without the wallpaper, but have faith! It will all look beautiful when it’s done!

PRO TIP: Your door casing should always be thicker or equal thickness to the base trim, so if your room requires shoe molding to hide edges of wood or tile flooring, your shoe+base trim needs to be thinner than the thickness of your casing.

Still need to add a trim piece above the vent!

Still need to add a trim piece above the vent!

The existing trim package did not have casing around the windows, so we opted to add that. In addition, we decided to keep the existing crown molding, but stack it with two additional trim pieces to bulk it up. Again - the trim needs to read elegant to pull off a color like hot pink so a big, chunky crown is a great way to go.

I also decided up upgrade the ceiling medallion with this 20” Ekena Millwork option painted pink to match the trim.



Similar to the ceiling, so many people forget about designing the closet.

The existing closet doors were simple slab doors, but simple just wasn’t going to do in this case, so you can see the arched panel doors with crystal knobs that we are replacing them with in the design plan above. After the wallpaper goes in, I’ll determine if pale gray or white is the better choice for the doors. (pssst - just ignore all that mess in the corner. Despite all the pretty pink trim, it’s a construction zone, people!)


Inside the closets, we will do a combination of white shelving, chrome hanging rods, and this wallpaper. I also may keep the two white tower shelves in the room flanking the crib, in which case the closet wallpaper would also go in the backs of those. However, we would beef the shelves up a bit by adding base trim and crown to them.


In a few weeks, the wallpaper will be installed. From there, we will have custom black-out roman shades made in a neutral fabric, and they will be paired with a white Jenny Lind crib and the silver Pottery Barn velvet swivel/rocker/recliner you can already see is some of the photos. I also plan to put down this soft, neutral 8x10 rug.

Stay tuned, friend. The best is yet to come!