Custom Artwork - No Painting Experience Required

When I started looking for a large piece of artwork to hang over our master bed, I kept falling short. I looked at all my typical spots – World Market, Homegoods, Target,, and Hobby Lobby, but I wasn’t finding anything that spoke to me. I wanted something sentimental, but didn’t want a photograph. So, on Valentine’s Day afternoon, my husband and I decided to paint our own artwork together.

Now, having two people work on the same painting is no easy task! There’s a lot of blending to make sure the styles work together and we had to talk a lot before hand on what our game plan was. What did we want the end result to look like? Sounds a little like marriage, doesn’t it?

I just love how our 30”x40” canvas turned out. It reminds me of a serene lake with the shoreline in the distance and a moody sky. It should be noted that neither my husband nor I have any background or education in painting. The beauty is if you mess up or don’t like how it is turning out, you can always paint over it! It’s practically fool proof. Just paint until you like what you have. I love that we did it together. It was such a fun way to spend our afternoon on Valentine’s Day.