The BLACK Project

Once in a lifetime, a unique, one-of-a-kind project falls in your lap. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I could reveal my BLACK project to you, and the day is finally here!

This past winter, I met with my new clients from California who told me about their vacation home here in west Michigan. They wanted to create a master suite in all black. I’ll say that again – they wanted an entire suite in black. The floor. The ceiling. The walls. The furniture. Wait for it... the toilet. As a Michigan resident and someone who’s more than familiar with our dark, dreary winters, normally I would advise a client against going all black. BUT – for someone who is only here a few weeks out of the year, what could be more unique and dramatic than going monochromatic? I immediately envisioned a gothic, moody, and gaudy (in the best way!) space. Here’s the before and afters:

Fuchsia Design001.jpg

In order to be successful with an all-black space, it had to be texture heavy. Using one of the most talented painting companies in town, Hedke Painting, we were able to achieve a slightly two-toned, high-gloss automotive finish on the walls and trim. In the bedroom, I combined it with a flocked damask wallpaper on the ceiling, a black glitter carpet layered with a vegan fur rug, and a whole lot of velvet.

Fuchsia Design021.jpg

The smoked glass shelves were adorned with black books, various casegoods and vases, and a one-of-a-kind charred driftwood. We incorporated the new Samsung Frame TV which features a black frame and artwork when turned off.

Fuchsia Design005.jpg
Fuchsia Design023.jpg

The entrance to the vacation master suite has a built-in, LED lit closet with beaded drawer fronts. The smoked crystal chandelier and wall sconces are on dimmers which allows versatility in lighting levels for different moods and times of day. The client enjoys gaming and also requested a sofa in the space which we custom ordered in an alligator velvet fabric in custom length to fit perfectly at the base of the bed.

Fuchsia Design004.jpg
Fuchsia Design025.jpg

We took square footage from an adjoining mechanical room to create a bathroom where one did not previously exist. The Scott Christopher Homes team and all of the subcontractors moved mountains to reconfigure existing mechanicals and make this possible. We even had to work not to disrupt existing in-floor heat coils in the concrete slab.  Here’s how the space looked before-

Fuchsia Design012.jpg
Fuchsia Design014.jpg
Fuchsia Design015.jpg

One of the most unique aspects of this vacation suite is the sexy-open concept. While this isn’t right for all couples, I knew these clients would embrace a peek-a-boo window into the shower. When the light in the shower isn’t on, the glass panel nearly disappears, but when back lit with shower lighting, it creates a viewport into the space. I designed a custom etched black painted glass panel for the window into the shower and the privacy panel for the toilet area.

Fuchsia Design019.jpg
Fuchsia Design027.jpg

I also designed a custom tiger-print mosaic floor using a combination of honed and glossy China black marble to create the pattern. One of my favorite things about this space is how many aspects were custom-designed for this client. I love knowing that no one else has these elements and they are just as unique as the clients themselves.

In the bathroom, I designed a built-up 18” high Levantina Cheyenne granite countertop. The mosaic floor flows seamlessly right into the curbless, double-door entry to the steam shower complete with granite bench, shampoo niches, and high-gloss Artistic Tile walls. The gloss black Newport Brass plumbing fixtures are both elegant and dramatic, and I even sourced black toilet paper for the room. Yes, it exists, and it’s all in the details.

I’m both over-the-moon with the results of this project, and sad to see it wrap up. It was such a joy to work with these clients who trusted my vision and invested in my unique, sometimes crazy ideas. This space is not for everyone, and that’s okay because it perfectly represents who my clients are. They are thrilled with the space, and that is always my number one priority. Interior design is not about designing based on my taste and style; it’s about designing a space perfectly tailored to the people who live there, and it’s my favorite part of what I do.  

As always, thanks for reading and following along -



Builder: Scott Christopher Homes

Nightstand and bathroom florals: Flowerly Art

Photographer: Mike Buck Photography